Applying the knowledge and experience in overseas business that we acquired through our OEM Business over many years, we provide products under our own company brans as well as brands we discover overseas mainly for the Japanese market.
In addition to wholesaling, we provide a wide range of services from retail store services to after sales services.

Three characteristics of our brand business


Excellent products with special attention to quality


Active expansion of retail business based on a sales strategy


Provision of after-sales services to enable long-term product use

Brand list of our group


Born in Japan, raised in Denmark, and made of natural beech wood, it is designed as “furniture that grows with the child.” A tactile experience with the furniture's genuine lumber nurtures abundant receptivity and creativity.


Under the concept of “dream-inspiring rooms for children,” this brand creates magical living spaces to excite children through a combination of a basic bed system and a variety of diverse accessories in accordance with the growth and development of each child.


Founded in 1853, it is one of Germany's longest established kitchenware brands. The brand is distinctive for the beautifully sparkling stainless steel of its products and its stylish designs.


It is a French-made, premium enamel iron pots brand. These hand-made pots, made individually by craftsmen, feature exceptionally beautiful color, durability and function.


The high-quality, German brand of kitchenware was founded in 1920. Made from an original material called“Silargan,” the various cooking utensils under this brand are popular not only in Germany but also all around the world because of their durability, ease of use and design.


It is a comfort footwear brand from Germany with over 240 years of history. Utilizing its inherited craftsmanship and functional beauty in the present day, the brand has launched over 70 models in the course of its history.


Kipling started in Belgium in 1987. These bags, which combine functionality with distinctive colors and designs, fit in well with the lifestyles of their owners. They have attracted fans from around the world and are loved by a large number of people.


Through simple design and function, it delivers tasteful, easy-to-use home appliances that easily match any interior space.


mod’s hair announces collections of products matched with fashion trends and always with new sensibility. mod’s hair also launches products that are jointly developed with salons, and provides its products with salons in mind.

  • *Under the license granted by FGAL BEAUTÉ S.A.


MULTI CHEF is a brand of commercial kitchen equipment based on a concept of [-THE JAPAN CREATION- giving form to Japanese ideas]. These are products that embody the dedicated chef’s ideal by applying know-how, innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship honed over many years with an uncompromising passion.


Pepica operates retail stores selling pet-related products, as well as pet salon and animal clinic services. We aim to provide total support for our customers’ beloved “family members.”

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