Applying the knowledge and experience in overseas business that we acquired through our OEM Business over many years, we provide products under our own company brans as well as brands we discover overseas mainly for the Japanese market.
In addition to wholesaling, we provide a wide range of services from retail store services to after sales services.

Three characteristics of our brand business


Excellent products with special attention to quality


Active expansion of retail business based on a sales strategy


Provision of after-sales services to enable long-term product use

Brand list of our group


Born in Japan, raised in Denmark, and made of natural beech wood, it is designed as “furniture that grows with the child.” A tactile experience with the furniture's genuine lumber nurtures abundant receptivity and creativity.


Under the concept of “dream-inspiring rooms for children,” this brand creates magical living spaces to excite children through a combination of a basic bed system and a variety of diverse accessories in accordance with the growth and development of each child.


MINT got its start in 2015 as an online mail-order shop that delivers furniture and interior items directly to consumers. It features items that are useful in various scenarios, drawing on its know-how in areas such as development, production and quality management, gained over many years in the furniture business.


Founded in 1748, Germany-based Villeroy & Boch is one of Europe's oldest brands in tableware and is constantly launching new designs.
In its 270th year, the brand continues to charm and delight. We look forward to providing products that are the perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation so you can add styles to your home the way you'd like.


It is a French-made, premium enamel iron pots brand. These hand-made pots, made individually by craftsmen, feature beautiful color and provide high thermal efficiency.


It is a comfort footwear brand from Germany with over 240 years of history. Utilizing its inherited craftsmanship and functional beauty in the present day, the brand has launched a lot of models in the course of history.


Quorinest is a boutique opened in 2016 with the theme of "a new kind of comfort never experienced before." Please enjoy the world of Quorinest, which is full of comfort.


Kipling started in Belgium in 1987. These bags, which combine functionality with distinctive colors and designs, fit in well with the lifestyles of their owners. They have attracted fans from around the world and are loved by a large number of people.


Vitantonio features easy-to-use items with simple designs. It is a home appliance brand that offers products that users can cherish forever, as they match the users' lifestyle preferences regarding function and taste.


Constantly getting inspiration from fashion, mod's hair continually proposes new styles. They deliver styling tools of salon quality.

  • *Under the license granted by FGAL BEAUTÉ S.A.


MULTI CHEF is a professional quality cookware brand, chosen by top chefs, that handles products such as food processors. They deliver quality that is unique to Japanese brands.


Pepica operates retail stores selling pet-related products, as well as pet salon and animal clinic services. We aim to provide total support for our customers’ beloved “family members.”

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